Recording Studios NYC

Getting in a band or being a singer may suit some people’s dream. Having a great voice only is not enough for you to become a successful singer. You need to find the best recording studios NYC has and get in there and make some demos. Then you can send out demos into numerous record labels and make your name stand out. When making demos, you should not just use any recording studio. This is because your demo will be the first thing record labels use to assess you. If you are thinking of making a demo or simply want to make a record, make sure to boost your career by choosing a great recording studio.

Speaking of selecting a recording studio, New York is the city full of recording studios in which plenty of musicians choose to begin their music career. If you are also thinking of beginning a music career in New York City, here are some practical tips on how to choose recording studios NYC.

recoring studio microphone nyc

Set the Budget – the most important thing before starting a recording project is to set the budget. Whether you are going to record your own song or even a full album; knowing your budget for the project as well as knowing what your money can buy is important. When setting up the budget, make sure you take any tiny detail into consideration such as how long the recording studios NYC will take and how much the recording will cost. Once you have a clear budget for the recording, you can start saving. Even though you are on tight budget, you should put quality on the first line.

The staff – good staff in the recording studio is everything. You will get the most benefit with their help. High class of equipment and gear will sound no good in the hand of bad stuff, but good staff will make average recordings stand out. Deciding whether a recording studio has the good staff or not is through an interview with the engineer or studio manager.

Professional and experienced staff will make sure your recording session runs according to the plan. Communicate the ideas with the staff to decide the right equipment according to your needs. The most important thing is that you are comfortable working with the staff and get along well with them. If you encounter any bad vibe, it is better to follow your gut.

The room dimensions – the recording room size should be the main consideration. The room should be big enough to have all the equipment and musicians. Besides a large room for the musician to perform the music, there should a large control room for the engineer to comfortably work in. In the control room, you will work together with the engineer on the project more efficiently. In addition, if you bring an additional instrument, make sure to ask how it will be interfaced with the studio equipment. Some studio allows the musician to bring additional instrument while some others may not.

Proper equipment – the best recording indeed comes from proper and high-quality equipment with professional staff who know how to operate them. Recording and music business depends on the current technology. From CD to microphones, one important thing to consider is the quality. Cheap and low-quality equipment can produce harsh and lack of depth sounds. Each music project may require different equipment. Since the quality of the equipment is crucial; do not be afraid to ask about each instrument which will be used for your project.

The experience – before signing any contract with recording studio NYC, it is better to listen to the previous project of the studio. The past experience shows that the studio is experienced in such project especially if it is done for a major label. You can also compare the style of each project completed to see the studio’s producing capabilities. In addition, you should also see if the studio also provides access to songwriters, producers, photographers, composers, and such.

Studio location – location is also one important factor when choosing the right NYC recording studios. This is especially true if you come from outside New York and require one or two-hour trip to get to the studio. Making a long trip may be just fine for a one day project, but when it is a long term project which requires some days to complete; it is better to choose the closest location. Also, it may be difficult to gather all the musicians at the same time. For everyone convenient, you can choose a studio which allows late hours recording and a location that is accessible for the majority of artists. It may be proven as the most convenient choice for all artists.

Choose value over hourly rate – as aforementioned, make sure you do not choose a studio just because of the cheap rate. But you need to choose the value by considering whether your money is worth all the hard work. Make sure that the decision is based on the quality and value over an hourly rate. If you think that the good quality studio is pricey; it is better to save up some money rather than going with the cheap but poor quality studio.

Look around – your recording demos may be the best thing that comes to your music career. As a great start, make sure you do not stick with only one studio. Make sure to look around and ask for rates up front for every cost including vocals, live instruments, recording, and also editing. Asking the rates in front allows you to prevent addition charges once the project is started.